About SmartDec

We help businesses to develop secure products.

Our goal is to build comprehensive cybersecurity tools which are powerful, convenient, and easy to use. As a company, SmartDec has a decade of experience in application security, providing such services as security audits, developing decompilation, deobfuscation, and static analysis tools. Our team has a strong academic background, our leads have more than fifteen years of experience in decompilation, security analysis and compilation theory and hold Ph.D. degrees in these areas.

What we offer

With more than 10 years of experience SmartDec has proven its position as the frontier of cybersecurity. Our team puts time and effort into researching reverse engineering, decompilation, static analysis, and other fields of code analysis and applied mathematics. This allows us to improve our solutions for information security, and be one step ahead of various exploitative attempts. It is always better to prevent information security incidents instead of dealing with consequences

What SmartDec offers

  • Static Application Security Testing (SAST) tools to discover potential vulnerabilities by analyzing the source code, and to detect precisely where the potential flaw is located.

  • Production SAST (prodSAST), or Binary SAST, can check binary or executable files for vulnerabilities without source code or debug info, even after the application reaches production.

  • Mobile Application Security Testing (mAST) can prevent security breaches for mobile applications. Just provide your application URL on Google Play/App Store to SmartDec Scanner.

  • SmartDec Scanner Blockchain Edition not only supports additional languages like Solidity and Vyper, it also considers specificity of blockchain applications and thus, checks the security of all components.

  • Manual audit services. We analyze source and executable code with accordance to customer’s requirements. We accomplish information security audits. We recover source code from low-level representation.

  • See more on smartdec.com.

    SmartDec Scanner Roadmap

    Things we’ve done in the last 10 years and plans for the nearest future


    Things we’ve done in the last 10 years and plans for the nearest future

    Research and development of the prototype for scanning of mobile app and C\C++ binaries


    • GUI development and implementation
    • Support for binary/source code analysis of Java and Objective-C mobile apps, C++ binary analysis
    • PHP and JavaScript analyzers’ development
    • Implementation of basic integrations


    • 12 programming languages supported
    • Integration with Jira, CI/CD servers and repositories
    • Interface rework (2.0 version)


    • Third version of the product with completely new GUI
    • 20 programming languages supported
    • Impoved integrations (Jira, Jenkins, TeamCity, Git, Maven, Gradle, Eclipse, Visual Studio etc.), integration with LDAP

    2019 q2

    • 29 programming languages supported (1C, VBA, ASP.NET were added) - we are market leaders.
    • TFS CI support added
    • Interface updates, Jira and LDAP
    integration improvements

    Nearest Future Goals
    2019 Q3

    Perl and Vyper languages support

    2019 Q4

    • New module for report generation
    • New rules and GUI improvements
    • VB.NET language support

    2020 q1

    Coming soon:
    We constantly work on rules updating, engine improvement, new integrations

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